Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Altar'd Reality? Check Your Spellcheck, Pal!

We are launching out into a new area for us by creating a Station Manager's Blog.

So why the name "Altar'd Reality"? And why did we spell it that way? Well, I'm going to answer the second question first; Altared Reality looked to much like Alta Red and that sounds more like an attack group of Space Rangers than a blog.

So, "Altar'd Reality". What does that mean? Simply put, once you have been to the altar and laid everything at the feet of Christ you can fully experience reality.

What will this blog be about? Everything...as it relates to the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ in Middle Georgia and how WGNM is involved in that. Some of it will encourage you, some of it will frustrate you. Quite frankly, sometimes it will make you want to fashion a whip & start turning over tables and chairs.

Feel free to join in the conversation. Keep it clean & respectful and if it is not going to advance the Kingdom of Heaven keep it to yourself.

1 comment:

  1. I am definitely thankful for the Altar experiences in my life