Monday, March 17, 2014

Going Gideon on a Telethon

As a ministry, we are here for others.  We pray with people through our Prayer Request Line. We give to those in need through our "Love Basket". We teach and preach the Word of God and help those ministries who want to do the same. We exist to help meet the needs of others.

And maybe that is the problem.
In deference to the needs we have been meeting I have neglected to share the needs of this ministry. Maybe it is pride on my part. Invariably a ministry will take on the character and characteristics of the leader. I have never liked asking for help. I love to give it, though. 

So here I am, letting you know the needs of the ministry. We need help. And we need it in divine portions.

Telethon is upon us. That time, twice a year, when we let you know what we are doing as a ministry and give you the opportunity to give as well. The time when the bulk of our donations and pledges come in for support. Our CTN Headquarters in Clearwater, FL will be inundated with calls from all over the country and a good portion of Middle Georgia. The support will come in. God will provide. He always does.

The problem we are having right now is that our digital transmitter, the most powerful in Middle Georgia, is not doing well. Actually, it is fine, it is the antenna and the pipe that connects it to the transmitter have burned out. It is a pretty big deal. Telethon is approaching and we can barely get a low-power signal to Cox Cable and DISHTv. The ever growing "over-the-air" viewing audience can't get us either. ... Did I mention, telethon is coming?

On top of that, an air conditioning unit at the transmitter broke down. Needed a new compressor. Eight days after getting it fixed, the AC unit on our Master Control Room died as well. Same problem. Did I mention that telethon is coming?

Needless to say, I have been in a "funk". I have felt like Gideon. The weakest member, of the weakest clan, of the weakest tribe. Did I mention telethon is coming?

But then I got some encouragement. Like most encouragement, it sent me to the Word. I study the story of Gideon. It occurs to me, that our situation with the transmitter is like Gideon and his army. You see, God realized that Gideon's Army was huge in numbers. He kept thinning out the crowd until just 300 were left. That way there was only one answer to explain the victory. The glory would go to God and God alone. In the natural, at full-power, our signal is huge. Right now, our signal is weaker that it has ever been. It would take a miracle for us to do well in the telethon with this few people watching. So that is what we will expect. We have no other choice but to let God do this.

Starting Monday night at 6:00 PM Eastern, we are going Gideon on a Telethon! Did I mention telethon is coming? 

Can't get The Soul Purpose? Check out the live stream on our website.

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