Monday, September 24, 2012

Fear the Purse, not Abortion!

Most men may not admit it, but women scare us. Think about it; name a guy who will look into his wife’s purse without permission? When my wife asks me to get something from her purse, I just take it to her. I hate looking in there. It seems so disorganized. Which one is the “front” pocket? Exactly which prison will she need to escape from that she thinks she has to carry a file THAT big?

Sticking your hand in there reminds you of every movie where the hero has to pass some sort of test by sticking his hand in a dark place (usually a tree stump) that serves as the nest for some venomous creature. If the creature bites, he dies. It is always a miracle when he gets to fight another day.

While that example may be exaggerated a bit, the fear that it alludes to is very real. It is a fear that has been exploited by the enemy to restrict us from doing what God has called us to do. And that is to be men. We have believed the lie that there are men’s issues and women’s issues and that the two should never meet. We have fallen to the lie that abortion is a woman’s issue when nothing could be further from the truth.

We will start where God started with all of this, before the worlds were even formed. God, the Father, conceived of each of us in His mind before he even had a place for us to live. He knew each of us by name. He also knew that, because of sin, we would enter this realm broken. A stain so thick and pervasive that nothing could remove it. He saw us for what we would be. Fatherless. And so, in that blink of an eye He knew He would need to provide a way for us to become His sons. He sent His Son Jesus to seal the deal. Adoption! It is by the gift of adoption that we are able to call ourselves the Children of God. We get to cry Abba, Father! In adoption, the Father is celebrated. The child is given a new name. A heritage. Even Jesus’ genealogy listed in Matthew follows the path of His adopted father. Through adoption, fatherhood transcends biology. Our spiritual adoption into the Heavenly Father’s family transcends the spiritual slavery we were born into and sees us as sons. 

But where adoption seeks to connect the father and child, abortion seeks to reduce and desecrate the role of a father to a mere inconvenience. An invasion. It sees men as mere biological donors. So, men are told to stay out of this. They are told that abortion is a decision between the woman and her doctor. Who decided that the doctor was more important than the father? All those years of medical school can’t wipe out the connection between father and child. The sad part is that we have let the enemy get away with this. We fell for the lie that this is a woman’s issue.

It is a human issue. It is a human child that is growing in the womb. We live in an age where endangered animals get more protection in the womb than humans. There is a defenseless life that is at stake. Are we men enough to stand in the gap for them?

So what do we do? How should we handle this?

First, we must rid ourselves of the fear. We cannot allow someone else to dictate whether or not we are allowed in this discussion.

Secondly, educate yourself on the issue. Once you get to be a part of the discussion, make sure you have a valid point.

Next, temper everything with the love of Christ. We can’t scream at people and expect them to listen. Remember, the woman having the abortion or the post-abortive woman is a person, too. Our fight is with the abortion business and the spirit of death behind it.

And lastly, train up Godly young men in our churches who won’t back down but will speak the truth with love. This is not going to be solved overnight. We will need to pass the torch to the next generation of men to carry on.

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  1. Thank you Father for adopting all people who have accepted you into their hearts,